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My name is Oliver. I grew up struggling. I’ve had the lights cut off at home and I’ve been homeless. I’ve lost my mom at a young age, I’ve had to deal with alcoholism in my family, and have had to face my own struggles of growing up and fighting my way out!

Despite my pain, I refused to play the hand I was dealt. I wouldn’t let my past define my future so I changed my cards. I chose to take the outcome of life into my own hands!

I live a life of choice.

“The brick walls are not not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” – Randy Pausch

Sometimes in order for us to grow, we need to be thrown into the FIRE. Just as the purity of gold depends on the heat of the fire, our growth depends on the heat of the struggles we go through in life. As gold gets heated, its imperfections disappear. The more times that gold is put into the fire, the greater its purity and brilliance.

You are gold.

The fires of life depend on your outlook upon it. It can either be a weapon that will burn and destroy your life or it can be the light in the darkness that forges you into 24k.

My mission is to change your outlook on life and help show you things in a better light.

This website is about everything to do with life, its struggles, its successes and your own personal growth. To get you fired up and become the person you were born to be – to achieve your dreams.

We are here to make you feel better about yourself, to look and feel better, through health, fitness and style. To improve your finances, change your lifestyle, motivate you when you feel lost, and change your mindset to see life for what it is. A life worth living and enjoying!

Here we value confidence, strength, belief, choice, response, positivity, struggle, & success.

This is Fire and Inspire…