Why You Should be Reading on an e-Reader

The beach may be one of the best places to read on your e-reader.

Look around, everyone you know and the people around you – on the bus, the street, at coffee shops, and in the company of others are caught staring at their phones.

This has all just become a recent thing. I remember the days before any of this.

You almost can’t have normal conversations with people without disturbing them from their social media.

Now, we all know that the world is evolving technologically and although this is an issue that’s turning people into zombies, this still is a good thing.

Hear me out…

The e-reader was born.

Here are 7 reasons why e-reading is better than reading a physical book.

1. Ability to change font size and page colour

Since e-readers are digital and the words on your screen are not printed in ‘ink’ they give you the ability to change your font sizes and change the colour of the page.

This is great for those who have trouble reading those tiny words that are too squished together on your page. Not only can it be hard to read, but it can be quite intimidating too when you have a million words crawling all over the page.

Changing the colour of the page you’re reading on can make an uncomfortable ‘white’ transform into a more appealing beige colour similar to a real piece of paper… or you can even change it to black if you’re feeling wild, which can be great for night reading.

2. You can easily make highlights and create notes

You don’t need a highlighter, all you need to do is tap and drag to highlight with your finger and it’s done. Gone are the days of needing pens, highlighters and sticky notes around nearby for you to make notes on what you’re reading.

Not only that but e-reading allows you to write as much as you want for writing your notes. Sticky notes can only hold so many words. E-readers…NO PROBLEM.

3. You can do real-time word lookups

It’s funny because they say that reading broadens your vocabulary and your understanding of more words. But I can recall many times where I was in school growing up and I’d have to pull out a dictionary just to look up a word just so I could understand what the f**k they were talking about. And often I would just move on and do without just because it seemed like too much work.

Now though, all you have to do is highlight that word, and tap on “lookup” and boom it’s all done for you.

4. Search for a specific word and jump to any page instantly

E-reading easily indexes everything for you while searching, every place in the entire book containing that specific word can easily be found with a click of a button. It’s easy, no more flipping through pages forever trying to find what you are looking for. Once you’re done searching e-readers allow you to jump directly to that page in an instant.

5. You can read in the dark

They say that you shouldn’t read in the dark. Why would you want to do that anyway? It doesn’t make any sense. How can you even see the words on the page you are trying to read? You need a light. And if you don’t have a light you can always buy one of those book lights… but why?!

It just seems unnecessary.

But with e-readers, most of them are backlit nowadays so it’s no problem at all. Read wherever you wish. Finally, freedom.

6. You can carry hundreds if not more books in one place in one small, light package

Since e-books are digital there’s no paper! I mean books have weight. Hardcover, softcover – its weight. And realistically you’d need to install a bookshelf at home to store all of those books.

And what if you want to travel? With traditional books you can only carry a select few to take with you… or carry a bookshelf on your back if you want to bring more.

E-readers are built for travel. There’s no need for that bookshelf on your back, you can store every book you ever dreamed of in a nice neat, light, compact package.

7. Access to any book you want right now, in an instant

We live in a digital world, everything or almost everything can be found online these days. Less and fewer people actually are going out to the shopping malls to buy things. People buy on Amazon now for everything.

This includes e-books! You don’t need to go to the store anymore to buy a book. You can literally just stay at home and get one sent right to your e-reader electronically without ever getting dressed! Don’t you love technology?


8. You can put PDFs and save articles you read online, including this one on your e-reader

Ever read an article online that you really enjoyed? You want to save it but all you can do is bookmark it for later. You want to add it to your reading collection to keep everything in one place, to keep things simple.

Luckily some e-readers like iPads & tablets let you do that.

All you have to do is convert the web page to PDF format and then send it to your tablet. Done. Your favourite articles can now be alongside all the books in your collection.

There you have it. These are 7 reasons why you should be reading on an e-reader.

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