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The Supplement Series: Part 1: Vitamin Deficiencies

Disclaimer: This article is about why you could be vitamin deficient and what to do about it. I walked into a conversation with my co-workers. The two of them were talking about health, fitness, their workout routines, and how “healthy” they were – as if it was a competition. One of them even claimed – …

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How to Balance Your Life (and Manage Your Time)

Lately, I’ve noticed that I struggle with balance in life. When I get excited about something my eyes go wide, I put my head down and get to work. Unfortunately, I get lost in the moment & completely lose track of everything around me. My pursuits consume me, and then eventually I realize that my …

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Why You Should be Reading on an e-Reader

Look around, everyone you know and the people around you – on the bus, the street, at coffee shops, and in the company of others are caught staring at their phones. This has all just become a recent thing. I remember the days before any of this. You almost can’t have normal conversations with people …

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7 Reasons Why You Should Read More

Most people don’t read enough. I mean why would you want to? There are so many great shows on Netflix these days. Shows that are so good they can keep you hooked watching episode after episode dying for more… The simple truth is, that people don’t read as much as they used to. And we …

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Read This Before You Decide to Check Out

Reader discretion is advised. I am not a doctor or psychologist of any kind, I am a human being that’s been through some shit & I speak from experience. If you feel you need additional forms of help then go get it. This article is just meant to give you perspective. Depression from bad brain …

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A Happy New Year in 2021

Well, this has been an insane year. From the Beirut explosion to protests & riots happening throughout the US, and the Covid-19 Pandemic… the list goes on. This year has been a wild ride and a lot of negativity has been spread around on the news and social media lately. Many people have even questioned …

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One Simple Habit That Will Make You Succeed

Growing up, I used to hate waking up early. My dad would often leave the door open to allow the outside light into my warm dark bedroom. Like most kids (and some adults), I hated rising early. I would actually get up and close my bedroom door and head back to bed so I could …

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How to Thrift Shop with Sense

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like shopping, or you don’t mind shopping but you lack the “patience” especially for waiting in lines. I’m the type of guy who’d rather pay a premium than to have to wait in lines. If I’m craving coffee, I’d go down the street and find the coffee shop …

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